Biubiub is a local pvp game inspired by board games like chess where you battle with a little creatures that live on a TV called Biubiubs. 

Develop by: 

Joan Luís Clemens Sansó (Art)  - Instagram

Lluis Palerm Tur (Programing)- Twitter

Controlls: All the interactions are done by pointing and clicking (taping if in Tablet or mobile) when it's your turn. The player in their turn can click on their biubiubs to move and attack with them and also can click on the stage to rotate that row.


  • The grey biubiub start first.
  • Every turn a player will get movement actions and rotation actions(the firs one indicated by the slider a the second one by the wheal). This will be a random number between two and four for each one.
  • Every move and attack consume one movement action.
  • Every rotation of a row consume one rotation action.
  • In order to move and attack between rows the circles must be aligned and the colors match.
  • In order to end the turn the player MUST USE all movement actions and rotation actions.
  • Every 10 turns the stage will get smaller destroying the exterior ring and killing all the biubiubs that are on it.
  • The smaller ring will never get destroyed.
  • The game ends when one player is out biubiubs that are alive.

Classes : 

Name ImageSpeciality
Warrior Is the one with more life of all the biubiubs.
MedicCan revive an ally if its dead in exchange for one movement action.                                             
ArcherCan attack from an extra position than the other biubiubs if the target is on the same row.

KingThe king can move and attack to the other rows independently of their color.

Have fun ; )


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Uhaaa nice game, but if you make it online it would look better ^^


Ty for the feedback Aitor. We'll try to implement it soon


Niiice, i will stay tuned